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Felicos (September 30,2012)


Hey guys. S here. So yesterday was Chinese Moon Cake Day (I mistakenly thought it was Chinese New Years and said Gung Hay Fat Choy to someone…but awkwardness and lack of Asianess aside…), and as a result, I had a family dinner. My uncle who was treating decided upon Felicos, being sick of both Chinese and Japanese food. I was excited as I had been here before with A’s family and remembered enjoying the food. However, during my last visit, it was the day before a breath test to diagnose for lactose intolerance (which I strongly am…) and as a result could not have anything containing dairy…which meant that I had a green salad LOL. I did also recall that they had excellent mussels in white wine sauce that were dairy-free and a great bang for your buck.

In this case, as my uncle was treating, my mother forbade me from ordering any appies…*sadface*. Anyways, here are a few pics of the place before we delve into the food!


Enough of that! I know you’re really here for the food so I will not disappoint! Due to the nature of my inadequate/ awkward communication skills with that side of the family (that only speaks Chinese), I only took pictures of my dish as well as my parents.

We were first started off with a basket of warm pita bread served with butter. Mmmmmhmm.

Nothing special; nothing infused. Just normal pita that was nicely warm and soft, No complaints there; though I suspect that it may not be baked in house due to the uniform size of each piece. Nothing good, nothing bad.

My parents and I all ordered “Dinner Features” (originally I was tempted to just get a Chicken Soulvaki plate but my mother said I was too boring…) Anyways, these features all came with your choice of caesar salad, greek salad, or soup of the day (which was chicken and rice that night). I went with the greek salad while both my parents chose caesar (because they’re unhealthy like that).


From what my parents described, they enjoyed their caesar salad. Its pretty standard and they have pretty low standards for food, not too picky. My greek salad on the other hand had WAY too much feta. In addition, the feta was rather watery and broken up. I prefer my feta in larger chunks. Unlike tradition greek salad only using olive oil, this greek salad had a hint of vinegrette as well which I found a little odd.

Rating: B-

The thing I most enjoy about eating with my mother is that well, she doesn’t eat very much, meaning I get to steal her food! 🙂 Having ordered what I wanted to order, she promised me that I could have some of it..I’ll start by talking abit about my entree of choice. Please bear in mind that the pricing includes the aforementioned salads.


Wild BC Halibut (Halibut filet topped with a creamy dijon caper sauce, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables) – [$20.95]

Rating: C+

Not being a fan of the richness of buttery mashed potatoes, I requested to switch to rice…gotta love Greek rice. The waiter was super nice and accommodating…but that was as good as this dish would get. This was by far the worst tasting halibut I have ever tasted. In fact, it did not even taste like halibut! Normally, halibut flakes off very nicely and is very tender; this fish presented as “halibut” was rough and not in the least bit smooth! The saving grace of this dish was the dijon caper sauce. Despite using capers, it was not too salty tasted good with freshly squeezed lemon (which I asked for 2 more…seriously kudos to that waiter). They did seem to skimp a little on the sauce, so I asked the waiter for some more on the side. I was happy with the larger-than-average serving of roasted vegetables on the side. Gotta love them veggies! Definitely was not too happy with this dish…but don’t fret, it gets better from here!

Rack of Lamb Chops & Skewered Prawns
  (Three tender grilled rack of lamb chops, served with a skewer of black tiger prawns (4), roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and Felicos special lamb mint sauce)[$22.95]

Rating: A-

This was my mom’s dish. Normally, she avoids lamb like the plague due to her dislike of gaminess; however, the Chinese chiropractor she’s been seeing for her joint pains said that eating lamb would be beneficial to her. Seeing as Felicos is a Greek place, what better place to have lamb? Originally I wanted to order this dish….and I wish I did. Anyways, she kindly gave me a prawn and half a lamb rack as well as a bit of her roasted potato. The bit of lamb that I got was definitely not the medium rare that she ordered, it was rather well done, but when she let me try another piece, it was perfectly cooked! Good taste on that, not too gamey, though consistency wasn’t great. The prawn was much too oily/ buttery / salty for my liking. The roasted potato was done very well! With a nicely crispy skin, I think they had some lemon juice on it as it had a nice tang to it…I wish i ordered this…Anyways, moving on..


AAA Alberta Rib Eye  (10-12 oz. 28 day aged AAA choice cut rib eye, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables)[$23.95]

[Note: There is an option to add a lobster tail for an additional $10.95]

Rating: N/A

My dad’s meal. Of course he’d go for the huge chunk of meat. Being a guy that doesn’t like to share his food, I only got a little sample of his steak. From what I got though, it was very tender and surprisingly delicious for a non-steak house. For such a big portion, this was definitely a good deal for the taste and the cost. He clearly enjoyed it as he quickly polished it off…as usual.


Felicos is a nice family restaurant with good eats for a decent price. They are accommodating of larger parties as well, with rooms that can be booked for parties and different appetizer platters available. Though I was not altogether satisfied with my entree this time around, I would definitely return and for the portion sizes at the prices, it is very fair.

– Love, S.

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