Ebisu on Robson (March 3, 2012) & Kin Resto Bar (Febuary 16, 2012) ; VANEATS with mommy!

Sup guys. S here. So I decided to sort through my plethora of food pictures on scattered amongst various facebook albums and folders on my hard drive and pretty much came to one conclusion: I have a LOT of food pictures. I decided to start my solo posting career with a dining package courtesty of VANEATS.ca entitled ‘Ebisu Flair’ and another entitled ‘Kindle with Kin’. The ‘Ebisu Flair’ package was priced at $18 while the ‘Kindle with Kin’ package was priced at $25; both extremely reasonable prices for the food that was presented. Now, my partner in crime here, A, would not approve of these ventures as he strongly disapproves of any ‘fusion’ cuisine. No matter, I love good food, and I happen to enjoy fusion. Let’s start with Ebisu.

[Note: all descriptions of the food are provided by http://www.VANEATS.ca.

Also, ratings are relative to the price and category of food]

This particular dining occasion was with my mother before the first game that Coho returned to Vancity after being traded. Cue the “OMG KASSIAN SUXXXXXXXXXXXORZZZZ”. ANYWAYS. Before I turn this blog into one about hockey, back to the food. Oh and say hi to my mommy =D She’s adorable ๐Ÿ™‚ Onto the food!

Aigamo Duck Salad: roasted duck and sauteed button mushrooms served on a garden of fresh spring greens and peppers in a citrus infused ginger dressing. A-

I’m not the hugest fan of duck, but the duck was nicely tender while not being too fatty, making it enjoyable against the lightness of the citrus-ginger dressing. This duck proved not to be so heavy as to overwhelm the delicate green. Favourite aspects of this dish were the citrus-ginger dressing and the sauteed button mushrooms.

[Left]Tiger Mayo: deep fried Black Tiger prawns complete with the chef’s sweet chilli mayonnaise dip B+
[Right]Salmon Carpaccio:
Atlantic salmon marinated in soy based olive oil topped with citrus white wine mayo & flavoured garlic chips A

For those of you that know me, I dislike and generally avoid deep-fried items like the plague due to gastrointestinal problems, so my review on this tempura battered tiger prawn may have been a bit skewed. Despite the deep-fried exterior (which I tried to tear off, I was impressed by the size of the tiger prawn. At many other Japanese restaurants, there is definitely more batter than prawn. Also unlike many Japanese restaurants, the tradition tempura dipping sauce (which I absolutely adore) was not present. Instead, a layer of sweet chilli mayo lay under the prawns. This concoction was what I based my rating on.It was the perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and savoury. Props to the chef on that one!

As for salmon carpaccio. Shereen loves carpaccio done right. This was done right. Again, with my affinity towards tart things, the citrus flavour once again struck the right chord in my taste buds. Though I prefer it to be sockeye salmon, for $18 bucks total, what can I expect? It was great for what it was.

Crunch & Munch Roll: prawn tempura, cucumber, tobiko wrapped with unagi & avocado. Served with unagi & wasabi cream sauce –B+

I didn’t have high expectations for this roll through reading the description. Of the items included in the rolls, I dislike the deepfried aspect of tempura, I hate tobiko, and I cannot stand the fishiness of unagi. However, to my surprise, all the aspects of this roll somehow just worked together in a symphony of flavour. The wasabi cream was inventive and provided a nice kick to the roll.

Mars Attack: featuring smooth nougat and creamy caramel coated in milk chocolate then deep fried served with 2 scoops of polar vanilla ice cream on flakes – D

If you know me, I adore dessert. This just didn’t cut it for me. Already, you know that I dislike deep-fried things. In addition, the icecream was simply so pedestrian. Trying a bite of the deepfried mars bar, it just didn’t work. Everything was just soggy and goey and very sloppy. Desserts that I enjoy are much more refined and I like a tart aspect to dessert. Needlesstosay, I downed the icecream anyways. Ice cream is ice cream, even if it isn’t spectacular.

On a whole, both my mother and I thoroughly enjoyed this package and would go again ๐Ÿ™‚


Upon entering the restaurant, I had my doubts. I had never heard of this restaurant, and it was oddly empty atย  dinner time. Due to their evident lack of business, my mother and I were seated wherever we chose. The manager himself came out several times to check on how we were doing and answered several questions I had about each dish. Despite initial skepticism, this experience proved to be much better than anticipated, and for $25, we were both stuffed and could not finish the package.

Prawn & Thai Basil Rice Paper Roll: with cucumber, vermicelli, lettuce, crispy shallots & crispy noodle center – B+

As a fusion restaurant, these were not your typical salad rolls. The cucumber and the crispy noodle centre made for an interesting crunchy texture that worked will with the crisp lettuce and the fresh rice rolls. This was a case in which I believe that fusion between Vietnases and Thai cuisine unexpectedly worked. It was a new fresh take on a salad roll.

[LEFT] Beef La Lot: rolls grilled minced beef, star anise, black pepper, roasted peanuts & jicama – A-
[RIGHT]Beef Short Ribs: marinated and barbequed in 17-spices –ย A-

It was the first time I tried anything like beef la lot. The taste was foreign to me and with nothing to compare it to, it did appeal to my taste buds and tasted great. As for the beef short ribs, the combination of the 17 spices, though seemingly overwhelming, worked extremely well together to pack a flavourful punch on relatively lean short ribs (unlike shortribs you’d normally get at AYCE restaurants..absolutely repulsive, that lack of meat there is to eat). Great taste, good amount of meat. Good dish

Seafood Salad: with shrimp, scallop, asparagus, mango, grape tomato, rau ram sauce – A

If you can see my mother sitting in the background, you will be able to appreciate the enormity of the portion size of this salad (granted, my mother isn’t the world’s largest woman); nevertheless, it was an impressive-sized dish for the price of the package. It was a warm seafood salad with a tropical spin on it. There was a generous amount of seafood in the salad and was the highlight of the package for me. The dressing was unique and citrus-y and I was craving for more. Though an avid hater of all things asparagus, somehow, this salad made it bearable for me to eat. Would definitely eat this again.

Chicken Chay Curry: mild spicy yellow curry broth, coconut milk, vegetables & tofu – B

Rich and creamy, this curry included copious amounts of sauce and a generous amount of meat. By this point, both my mother and I were getting pretty full and the richness of this dish didn’t help. Delicious, but would have been more enjoyable had I not had so much to eat prior to this. Different type of curry than I am used to but tasted good. Solid solid dish.

Lemongrass Ginger Creme Brulee: lemongrass, coconut, ginger, pineapple chutney – B+

At this point, you must be thinking, there’s more food! Yes there was! As someone who doesn’t normally like creme brulee, this dessert was far beyond my expectations. It was completely different than your normal creme brulees and was the perfect combination of spicy, sweet, and tart. The caramelized layer was solid but very thin allowing for easy cracking to reveal warm custard underneath. The pineapple chutney on top was the highlight of this dish for me. Both sweet and tart, it provided the perfect compliment to the creaminess of the brule underneath.

All in all my mother and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and for $25, we were stuffed and could not finish. Great value for a great meal. Vaneats dining packages are a great way to sample different dishes from different restaurants without spending a fortune. Hope you guys enjoyed my first solo post.

– Love, S

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